Backyard Bible Clubs

We bring the Good News of Jesus to our neighbors by inviting kinder - 4th grade children to the clubs at a Host Home. Middle and high school student teams engage the kids in games, stories, skits & the Gospel during the 75 minutes of the club. There is no cost to attend the club. Choose a club below and c'mon out!



Host Homes

What does a Host do?

Attend a training session and receive your yard sign and invitations // Pray daily for those who will come to your club // Put your provided yard sign up // Use the invitations provided to invite neighborhood children // Provide a small snack daily for the children

We Provide:

A team of 4-5 trained high school students, accompanied by an adult driver/chaperone who will lead the club at your location // All the materials needed for the teens to present a skit, games, Bible story, and gospel // Bibles and follow-up material for children who make a decision to follow Christ

Why me?

As a host, you’ll develop a fresh mindset and see your neighborhood as a mission field. You’ll enjoy seeing kids hear about Christ and watching teens love them with Christ’s love. Each day, you will have the opportunity to get to know your neighbors better. It’s quite possible that you’ll never see your yard the same way again.

Drive a Student Team

What does a Driver do?

During club week, Monday through Thursday, drive students to their clubs and then back //  Attend one training session // Pray daily for the teens and encourage and pray with them // Assist the host in welcoming the children and families that come to their club

Why Me?

As a driver, you will form great connections with a group of teenagers.  You will have a front row seat to watch these students put their faith in action, it will give you hope for the next generation!