"Life-change through Jesus for every man, woman, and child."


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The Current



Backyard Bible Clubs: Driver

June 25 - 28

Join the Great Adventure by signing up to be a driver. You’ll transport high school students to and from their Backyard Bible Club location, as well as encourage and pray for them while they share the love of Jesus to neighborhood children. Sign up above today.


Backyard Bible Clubs: Hosts

June 25 - 28

Help share the Gospel of Jesus by hosting a Backyard Bible Club! You’ll see your neighborhood as a mission field as you pray for your community and invite children to experience the Great Adventure, led by teams of high school students. Sign up above today.


Xtreme Adventure (XA) Volunteers

Do you thrive on energy? Spend some quality time investing in our middle school students this June. Xtreme Adventure is a high-energy, face-melting day camp experience for incoming 5th, 6th, and 7th graders. Jobs range from registration table to Final Battle setup and clean-up. Don't miss the opportunity to to feel young again? Sign up today.



June 24

Baptism is an event to be celebrated. It's the outward sign of an inward change. Take the step now. Register online.